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Swansboro Mullet Festival

The Swansboro Mullet Festival has been...

going for more than 50 years. It was started as a celebration by the residents of Swansboro after the completion of the bridge across the White Oak River in Swansboro (Trivia: Do you know how travelers got across the White Oak River before the bridge was completed?).

Well, that first Swansboro Mullet Festival was so much fun that they decided to have it every year on the second Saturday in October. So, here we are today. Originally, it was just a big cookout, but now the Mullet Festival is much more than that. Oh sure, you can still get your Mullet cooked 50 different ways: fried, broiled, grilled, smoked, stewed (well, maybe not 50) but in addition you can also see tons of arts and crafts, play games and, of course, the Swansboro Mullet Festival Parade.

Swansboro Mullet Festival Schedule
Parking and admission
Festival Vendors
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Swansboro Mullet Festival Schedule
Saturday, October 10 9 am - 11 pm
Sunday, October 11 9 am - 5 pm

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Festival Parking and Admission

Due to the heavy volume of pedestrian traffic, there will not be any parking available at the festival. Parking will be available on some side streets. However, please pay attention to the signs and direction from authorities. If you park in a restricted area, you will get a ticket.

Festival admission is free.

Mullet Festival Band Schedule
The Holiday Band Saturday: 10am - 1pm
Terry Baston Band Saturday: 1pm - 4pm
4 Knights Saturday: 4pm - 7pm
The Attractions Saturday: 7pm - 11pm
The Band of Oz Sunday: 11am - 2pm
Coastline Band Sunday: 2pm - 5pm

Swansboro Mullet Festival Committee:

swansborofestivalcommittee@ yahoo.com

Mullet Festival Vendors

The Swansboro Mullet Festival Committee is still accepting vendor applications. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, visit their website:

Swansboro Festivals











¤ Swansboro is host to the Mullett festival every October. It is a great attraction and is always lots of fun.

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