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Homeowners Insurance for North Carolina and Beyond

What is Homeowners Insurance?

In its simplest terms, homeowners insurance is insurance for your home. However, it does not stop there. Homeowners insurance can cover a wide array of things, not just the home. Of course, it protects you against natural disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, etc.) and burglary. But, homeowners insurance can even protect your home against vandals, lawsuits from people injured in your home, destruction of property by an animal, etc. Your homeowners insurance policy will clearly spell this out, so read it carefully.

Document Everything

To make sure, you should make a list of what you feel needs to be protected in your home. For example, make a list of the valuables in your home. Document everything! Make an inventory; keep all receipts of your expensive purchases. The best way to document your valuables is with pictures or even a video camera. Then, once everything is documented and pictures or video taken, keep all of that information together in a safe place (a safety deposit box at a bank, for example). It does you no good if fire destroys your house AND all of this valuable documentation.

Flood Insurance

Also, find out if you are in a Flood Zone. On the North Carolina Coast, we have several flood zones. Although homeowners insurance does not protect against floods, this is information you will want to know. Make sure to ask your real estate agent if the property you are interested in is located in a flood zone. If it is, you will need to speak with a Flood Insurance Agent about the cost of such a policy. Even if the property is not located on the water, or even "water view", you could still be in a flood zone, so make sure to check it out. Before you take out a homeowners insurance policy, you should talk with your homeowners insurance agent to decide which policy would be the best for you.

Helpful Links

As mentioned, on the North Carolina Coast we have several flood zones. North Carolina uses the FEMA maps for this information. To determine if your property is in a Flood Zone, you can go to this site - NC Floodmaps. There, you will be able to enter the property location and be told if that property is in a flood zone.

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¤ Homeowner's insurance is different from Flood Insurance. If you live in a Flood Zone, you will need flood zone insurance in addition to your standard homeowner's insurance policy.

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